Anthony Edwards CAREER-HIGH 48 PTS Full Highlights vs Warriors 11/10/ 2021 NBA Season!

Basketball Goal Accessories

If you use your home basketball hoop regularly, there are some great accessories that will make play even more fun. A guard net is designed to do three things: protect property around and behind the base of the goal, prevent children from chasing balls into a street or an area such as a garden, and return the ball to the play area. There are two types of guard nets available.

Basketball Warmups That Work

For players who are just starting out in the world of basketball it can be scary. You may not know what to expect from a basketball warmup or you may be confused on how much or how little you should practice. The first thing that you should know is that it is most important to have a great basketball warmup routine.

A Basketball Warmup Routine That Will Work

Being a basketball player means that you know how to play basketball and how to practice and make the most of your basketball warmup. Having a great warmup will show you, your coaches, and your other teammates that you are playing to the best of your ability. Basketball warmups will also help you to make sure that you get better each and every day while playing basketball.

Common Basketball Warmup Mistakes

Everyone including popular basketball players can make mistakes. Many of these mistakes have gone on throughout the years and have hurt many basketball players. Many players still go by some of the basketball warmup mistakes, but you should not follow those same mistakes.

Star Shooting Drill

This is one of my favorite shooting and conditioning drills. I learned a version of this drill when I was an assistant with the WNBA Washington Mystics. It is a catch and shoot drill with varying basketball movements built into it. You will be amazed what great basketball conditioning it is too.

Avoiding the Myths in the World of Basketball Warm-Ups

You have probably seen a hundred or so basketball myths throughout the years. Many of these myths have been directly on basketball warm-ups. The people that believed these myths and actually include these myths in their basketball warmup routine hurt themselves or hurt their teammates.

Increase Vertical Exercises – What the Heck is That?

Increase vertical exercises are exercises that increase the height that you can jump. This article is about how to get with the program that can take you to new heights.

Celtics Versus Lakers – Tensions Increase!

The Finals are underway and the Lakers are now facing the Celtics on their home court. Many Lakers fans were actually happy with their Game 2 NBA 2010 Finals loss as it means that if they DO win, it will be in Los Angeles. And Celtics fans were thrilled because it means if THEY win it will be at home! Don’t miss the 2010 NBA Finals and watch as history unfolds.

Isn’t it Time Dunk Training Gets a SLAM Dunk From You on the Court?

How would you like to jump 10 or 12 inches higher than you currently do? How would that increase your performance? Maybe you are just inches away from dunking the basketball and feel you may never SLAM DUNK.

Basketball Warmups That Can Help Your Skills

If you play basketball you should know the importance of a great basketball warmup. Having a great basketball warmup will help your playing skills and optimize your chances for a win at the game. Make sure that you do not fall for the many myths out there about basketball warmups and always follow the following tips.

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