Anthony Edwards Explaining How He Told the Rockets Coach to Call a TIMEOUT!

So You’ve Got a Team, Now Teach Them How to Work Together

Every basketball team has its star players, inside group of friends, and the individuals who like to fly solo. Your job as a youth basketball coach is to pull all of these personality types together, and get them to work as a team. Getting the players to work together will take a load off any coach’s back, ease any tension amongst the players, and improve overall team performance. But getting them to work as one can be tricky.

How To Start An AAU Basketball Team

Starting an AAU Basketball team is the dream of many basketball coaches as AAU Basketball is the most competitive level of youth basketball in the country. Here are some pointers for building a successful AAU Basketball team.

Basketball Game Information and Rules

Basketball is the enthusiastic game between two teams; players should concentrate to shoot the ball to score points by following the rules. The basketball regulation loop comprises of an 18 inch diameter border and 10 feet backboard. The basketball group can score a field end by shooting the basketball via the basket while playing.

In Ground Basketball Hoop Qualities

Are you thinking about purchasing an in ground basketball hoop for your driveway? It can be a very good investment for a family who is into sports. It’s a very healthy activity for your children, it helps develop motor skills, and sets a foundation for social interaction. Listed below are some of the main reasons why an in ground basketball hoop is a wise decision.

Why Writing Off the San Antonio Spurs Is a Mistake

The Spurs can’t win the West b/c the Grizzlies are too physical, the Thunder too talented, the Lakers too big, the Clippers too athletic. Nonsense. The Spurs can win the West.

How to Bet NBA Totals?

More so than in other sports, people who bet on basketball like to bet on totals. These over/under bets are very tempting, as it’s usually easy to predict whether a game will be high scoring or low scoring.

The Billy Gillispie Syndrome

Billy Gillispie is now at Texas Tech with one of the worst programs in the country. 5 short years ago he had one of the best programs in the country. What a great move leaving for Kentucky.

Your Guide To Indoor Basketball Hoops

No matter what your age is, if you want to be able to play basketball anytime regardless of the weather, an indoor basketball hoop is the best choice. The following are a variety of indoor models that may be of interest to you.

How to Shoot

Putting the basketball through the hoop is the only way to score points in basketball. You can score 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points with a single shot. Scoring 1 point results from making a free throw, 2 points results from scoring from any area within the arc, and 3 points results from making a shot from outside the 3 point arc.

How to Play Defense

Playing defense is the most essential part of basketball. If the other team scores more points than your team, then you cannot win the game. Defense isn’t glorified, but it will get you respect.

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