Candace Parker GAME TYING 3 Had the Crowd Going Crazy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

The Golden State Warriors’ 2012-2013 NBA Season in Review

The Golden State Warriors were underdogs throughout the playoffs, and made it to the Western Conference Semifinals and won two games against the San Antonio Spurs. Going forward, though, how can the Warriors compete next season with the best in the West? And should they consider this season a success?

The Chicago Bulls 2012-2013 NBA Season in Review

By all accounts, the Chicago Bulls’ season must be considered a success. From establishing themselves as the league’s premier streak-enders, to stealing a game from the defending champs with half their starters injured, Chicago basketball fans have a lot to be proud of with this team.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s 2012-2013 NBA Season in Review

From being the favorites to win the Western Conference and challenge the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, to a five-game loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, the OKC Thunder had a disappointing end to their season. However, with health on their side, they still remain the favorite to win the West next year and compete for a title.

Nichols College Men’s Basketball Preview

Although there were high hopes going into the 2011-2012 Nichols Men’s basketball season, the team fell one point short to Salve Regina in the Conference Semifinals, 81-80. The squad finished 13-14, bringing a season full of promise and excitement to a bitter end. However, the future outlook for the upcoming season is full of great potential, as the team looks to build on the success of last season. The Bison lost forwards Nick Brown and Dominque Jean Pierre, and guard Michael Salis to graduation.

Walk-On Turned Leading Scorer in Iran Super League

How many Walk-on Basketball players ever make it through the Grinder system we call college basketball and play at the Professional level? For those who don’t know, a “walk-on” is a college athlete that doesn’t enjoy the privileges of an athletic scholarship, paying their own way in school. These thick-skinned survivors don’t get any discount on tuition or the dues they must pay in practice and games every day.

Where Does Dwight Howard End Up Next In The NBA?

With Dwight Howard’s ejection as a Laker in Game Four of the Western Conference Quarterfinals, is this a sign he is already moving on? He may not want the scrutiny of the Los Angeles media, but the extra $30 million he can make by staying in LA may keep him there. Expect the Dwight Howard NBA sweepstakes to start again in a few months after the playoffs are over.

Will Phil Jackson Make His Return To The NBA As An Executive?

Although he has been out of the NBA for two years now, Phil Jackson’s name has been discussed in regards to almost every major coaching change. Instead of being a head coach, though, the Zen Master may return as president of an NBA team. Will he take on the challenge of developing or winner, or go with another proven commodity?

Could The Los Angeles Lakers Have Competed For An NBA Title If Healthy?

From one of the most intimidating rosters to one of the most injury-plagued regular seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers season had been one of the most disappointing in NBA history. If they had stayed healthy, though, could they have competed in the NBA Playoffs?

How To Keep Your Children at Home and Safe During Summer Break

In a little more than a month, many kindergarten through high school students will be on a summer break. Unfortunately, these are dangerous, uncertain times. We are all aware of a growing population of pedophiles, deranged people with guns, and gang populations on drugs. As parents we are afraid for our children. Camps are excellent outlets if one can afford them, but not everyone can send a child to camp. Anyway, the best protection most often comes from the home. So what can be done?

Protecting College Athletes Ought To Be A Slam Dunk

Millions saw Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury. Let’s hope we also see some needed reform as a result.

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