Carmelo Anthony after scoring 28 Points help Lakers def Grizzlies 121-118

Best Plyometric Program for Basketball

Choosing the best plyometric program to increase your basketball performance is key if you want maximum results. Since the two core ingredients to basketball domination are jumping ability and quickness, you want a course of action that addresses both. There is no need in increasing one, and having to get another workout for the other.

Plyometric Program Performance – Why Your Current Plyo Workout Stinks

So, you found a plyometric program and added it to your workout routine. That is awesome. You are taking action, and that is never a bad thing.

College Basketball Handicapping

When comparing basketball to football, the first thing we notice is that the ball is round and its behavior is a lot easier to control. Basketball playing surfaces are different from football fields. In basketball, the floor is smooth, compared to grass and artificial surfaces of various textures. Basketball is played indoors and this makes a difference in the player’s footing.

3 Tips To Dribble Fast In Basketball

If you are familiar with the basketball game, then you might be aware with its key tactics to move your score up with the help of dribbling. This article is on the dribbling that how you can dribble fast in this thrilling sport. Following are the three useful tips that will help you to dribble fast.

What to Look for in a Basketball Handicapping Solution

Those in search of a bona fide basketball handicapping solution need to select specific solutions based on certain key criteria. These include track record, ease of use, and a guarantee.

Here’s a Simple Way To Be A Better Basketball Player

If you’re a basketball player, it’s normal for you to want to become a better basketball player. In fact, if you have the motivation to become better, you’re already ahead of most other players. It’s amazing how many people simply keep doing what they’re doing and don’t genuinely try to improve.

Jumping Workouts That Can Help You Dunk

For anyone playing basketball on any level you are looking for that little extra something that you can add to your game so that you can improve it. Everyone has been beaten under the hoop going for the rebound at some time or another. Your very next thought is always; I really need to be jumping higher for basketball. There is no better way to improve this part of your game than with some great jumping workouts.

Plyometric Boxes – Jump Higher, Run Faster and Increase Explosiveness

Plyometric boxes are specially built to maximize the tension in your legs. Like winding a spring tighter and tighter, these awesome vertical increase tools help torque up your explosion. This leads to an increase not only in your vertical jumping ability, but also a drastic improvement in your foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, overall leg strength and health, and “out of the blocks” speed.

Plyometric Boxes – What Are They and How Can They Help My Vertical Explosion?

Plyometric boxes are platforms that help you increase your vertical jump and run faster. They accomplish this by rapidly loading and releasing leg muscles to increase elasticity and “fast twitch” needed for movements such as vertical jumping and running, especially out of the block. Through several rapid repetitions of plyometric exercises, users have noticed increases of up to 10 inches on their vertical jump, and decreases of up to a half a second off of their 40 yard dash time.

NBA Picks

It’s amazing what the National Basketball Association has been able to produce thus far this season. Everybody’s top pick the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat have shown up for battle absolutely demoralizing their opponents over and over and well you get the point.

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