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Adjustable Basketball Goals Are Sophisticated

Adjustable basketball goals are ones that have an extendable pole so that you can adjust the height of it to accommodate different players and also to make sure that you are constantly challenging yourself to achieve different performance goals. Most high quality hoops these days come in two different series, a less expensive Force series and a Pro series.

The Unfinished Saga of Rafer Alston, Aka Skip To My Lou

On February 3rd, 2012, it was announced that Rafer Alston, also known by his legendary playground basketball nickname, Skip To My Lou, would return to the professional basketball scene. The NBA Development League team L.A. D-Fenders, decided to add him to their roster. A former playground basketball legend who helped And1 launch a “streetball” empire that defined a generation, Rafer’s story starts in Queens, NY with stops in Las Vegas, the NBA, China and any other city, town or driveway with a basketball net.

Free Throw Tips 101

As a pure shooting expert, it is very disappointing to see players struggle to earn easy opportunities at the free throw line, even at the professional level. Here are some great pointers for anyone looking for improvements at the stripe to improve their game and confidence!

High Velocity Low Resistance Power Training For The Vertical Jump

High velocity low resistance power training involves a method of vertical jump training which applies jumps performed at a high velocity with some resistance added. A progressive resistance format can be applied as in weight training to increase the power in the athlete’s vertical jump. It is essential for the athlete to be able to perform the jumps with a velocity approaching those used in competition.

How To Jump Higher – 3 Things You Must Understand

Every athlete wants to learn how to jump higher. Of course, we will discuss 3 important tips to help you learn how to increase your vertical.

Strength Based Power Training For The Vertical Jump

To increase power in a movement, a greater force must be applied at a high velocity. This article will focus on the strength based power movements, those movements which require a good strength base to accelerate the resistance and continue the movement with a high velocity.

Types of Basketball Hoops

If you are looking to buy a basketball hoop, the first decision involves which type suits you best. The three primary types include portable, in-ground, and wall-mounted. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Offer Reliable and Cost-Effective Online Basketball Tournament Registration

Basketball is one of the most-played sports in the United States and is extremely popular, especially among the high school and university students. Different organizations also hold and sponsor various basketball tournaments to raise funds for a cause or for pure refreshment purpose. However, while organizing such a tournament, registering the players and the attendees become a tedious job. Hence, a large number of organizations are taking up the online registration solution to offer a hassle-free sign up process to all those interested to participate in the event.

How Did Michael Jordan Become the Best Basketball Player of All Time?

Michael Jordan was not only the best basketball player, he was also considered as an American icon in different ways. Jordan was one of the leading basketball figures during mid-80s until the late ’90s, and remained as one of the most prominent sports figures until now. But the road His “Airness” took, was never an easy one.

Benefits From Increasing Your Vertical Jump

Learning how to increase your vertical jump could prove to be most valuable if you are involved in competitive sports. Two of the most well known sports to play that have a need for vertical jump training are volleyball and basketball.

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