Devin Booker Heartbroken after Ja Morant Hits Game-Winner

Grant Hill Early Life Bio, Former Duke University Blue Devil Basketball Player Now With Phoenix Suns

Grant Hill is a famous basketball player with an interesting early life that includes playing basketball at Duke University. This article briefly summarizes the early life of Grant Hill.

Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA Playoffs!

Another sport, another team with the best regular season record out of the playoffs early. Last month it was hockey with the Washington Capitals, this month it’s basketball with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I wasn’t too surprised with the Capitals.

Basketball Defense – Three Tips For Beginners

It should be obvious how important defense in basketball is. Like offense, it is one word associated with the game that is a topic all its own. It is so crucial that fans scream it all the time when their team doesn’t have ball possession. Despite the enduring presence of this word, not all novice players and coaches focus on it.

NBA Conference Finals Preview

What better way to welcome the NBA’s Conference Finals than 1,500+ words of nonsense, comedy, and very brief insight. In other words, I’ve become Charles Barkley.

Why Teach Your Kids to Love Basketball at an Early Age?

Basketball could change the following situation. Some kids like to sit around and play video games all day. They sit and snack doing absolutely nothing for hours on end.

Vertical Jump Program Reviews – Which Vertical Jump Programs Deliver Results?

Vertical Jump Programs are an essential ingredient to any basketball training workout. If you want to play better basketball, you need to increase your vertical. See which vertical jump programs deliver the results, and which ones leave you grounded.

Magic Johnson – A Basketball Great

Earvin Johnson (Magic) was born on August 14th 1959 in Lansing, Michigan. He got the nickname “Magic” at Everett High School where he played on the basketball team, because of the way he handled the ball and passed it. He attended Michigan State University and in his second year his team won the national college championship.

Seven Best Crossover Players in the NBA

A crossover is a basketball move you do by dribbling the ball in a way that should leave your opponent clueless of your next move. The next move should clear the way for you so you will be left unguarded. Some of the players known for their crossovers are Jason Williams and Kobe Bryant.

NBA Betting – How to Earn Big by Having Fun at the Same Time

More and more people are getting familiar and even involved with what we call the NBA Betting. Definitely, it is very popular especially to basketball enthusiasts and die hard fans of NBA or the National Basketball Association. The catch here is that not only are these basketball sports betting aficionados having fun while watching the game; but that they also get to bet as well; thus, giving them an opportunity to win big earnings on the side. Here are just a few of the things you need to know regarding NBA Betting:

Mike Anderson Bio – Head Basketball Coach of University of Missouri (MU) Tigers Basketball Team

Mike Anderson is the head basketball coach of the University of Missouri. This article gives a brief summary of his basketball biography.

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