Fred VanVleet lifts the Raptors in Toronto!

Basketball Training Aids to Enhance Ball Handling in 5 Easy Steps

A lot of new basketball players believe that ball handling is not that important as long as they can score the most points in a game. Despite your natural gift for shooting and scoring, ball handling is a foundation in the game of basketball that all players must master if they truly want to become proficient in the game. Remember, anything that has poor foundations can topple down real quick.

Grasping the Rules of the Game

As a first time basketball coach or one with more experience, you must get acquainted with the fact that basketball is a very complex game, which involves a great deal of rules. Some of them are just basic, others may bring you painful headaches, leaving you scratching your head, trying to understand them. My suggestion to you is not to dwell too much on your own if you have difficulties understanding some of the more complicated rules, it is better to learn as you go, or seek some help from another friend or maybe a friend which is a hardcore…

Covering the Basketball Basics

We all know that almost everybody loves basketball, and many people are familiarized with the game. Either they played as youngsters, or in other leagues, maybe they even played it for fun on the nearby playground with their friends or perhaps on the drive way with their dad, or maybe as an adult. You might enjoy watching basketball games on the television, and let`s not forget the hardcore fantasy players, which are very knowledgeable in the game of basketball.

Getting to Know the Parents

Being a basketball coach which manages a youngster basketball team, you must be able to connect as much as possible with the moms and dads of the kids. In order for you to get the kids to feel more relaxed you must have the support of their parents, thus improving the environment they play. Enhance both yours and their basketball experience, by connecting to a certain level with their parents. You can make a forecast on how your season will be going (either smooth or filled with bumps because of the parents).

Digesting the Important Terms

The better you are familiarized, as a first time coach or even as an experienced one, with the important terms of basketball, both offensive and defensive, the easier it’s for you to teach them to your players. Thus, enhancing your basketball coaching experience. I’m going to give you a list of this terms adding a short explanation to each one of them.

The Basics of How to Play Basketball

Basically, basketball is made out of two teams, the offensive team, made out of five players, that are moving the ball down the court either by dribbling or passing in order for them to make score points by shooting the ball trough the basket, and of course the defensive team, which is also composed of five players, they must do their best at stopping the offense team. Both teams must score as much points as possible within the time limits of the game. In most junior leagues, the time limits are the following: four quarters, six minutes each, with the…

Looking Ahead to the NBA’s 2010-2011 Season

Time flies without much of our attention and now we are entering September. Just one month later, we will embrace the start of a whole new NBA season. I believe every NBA or basketball lover has now filled their hearts with keen anticipation. Which team will have the last laugh and win this season’s championship? Maybe that question is the most asked one among NBA fans.

Basketball Coaching Systems

Coaching basketball, especially youth basketball, can be as challenging as it is rewarding. There are so many individual skills, position skills and team skills that must be taught, that at times one could wonder where to start. The game of basketball, although simple at the surface, becomes quite difficult when you begin to dissect it position by position and play by play.

How to Shoot a Basketball Well

There is a certain way of shooting a basketball which allows for a high percentage of shots becoming baskets. Proper shooting form plus concentration, control, and confidence are the ingredients for an outstanding shooter.

How to Coach the Four Keys to a Winning Basketball Team

As basketball coaches, we often wonder what our team needs to do to win. We think about what we need to emphasize to our players so that they can be successful as a team. In this article, I offer you four keys to winning many games in any league.

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