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I Was Running For A Whole Hour Yesterday on the Basketball Court – Best Cardio I Have Ever Done

I wrote in here a few days ago about playing ball as one of the best ways to do cardio. Playing basketball, soccer, tennis, rugby, volleyball, etc, is a great cardio exercise that will pump your heart to levels you never knew it can. This is far better and healthier than doing traditional cardio in the gym at a treadmill, cross-trainer or any other cardio machine.

Portable Basketball Hoops For Complete Enjoyment At Your Home

We all love to play basketball along with our kids. Well, it is really a great option for you to pursue if you are getting bored at home. Portable basketball hoops are really becoming popular these days. Buying a portable basket ball hoop can be a bit of problem. So, you must do so with absolute care. Make sure go through this article at least once. This article is going to deal with some crucial information when it comes to portable basketball hoops.

Getting In Shape With Basketball – Extreme Cardio

Bored of pounding the pavements with tedious jogging? You should consider basketball as it is an extremely cardio-focused method of exercising. Find out more here.

Clippers Owner In Leadership Position, But Not A Leader

When you think of a leader what comes to mind? Perhaps a person who organizes a group of people to achieve a common goal, or someone who is capable of inspiring and helping others reach their dreams. I like John Quincy Adams’ definition, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Is Jump Training an Effective Way to Increase Vertical Leap?

A common question among younger, less experienced athletes, but not a dumb question by any means! It is true that jump training is an effective way to increase your vertical leap. A more difficult question however is “how do your train to increase your vertical leap?”

7 Great Leg Exercises to Increase Your Vertical Jump

If you’re not doing these 7 leg exercises to jump higher and increase your vertical jump, you need to think again. Add these and increase your vertical today.

What to Look For in a Vertical Jump Training System

When looking to start a vertical jump training system, or a jump higher program as it might also be called by some, there are a few key things that you should include and watch out for before you start any kind of training system. Let’s go over what a good vertical jump training system should consist of.

I Started Playing Basketball and I Quit Going to the Gym

As part of my innovative approach to exercise I always look at the different ways I do it. I never liked going to the gym as it bored me to death and it was too much bother. You know when want to do your exercises – you just want to do them and get it over and done with?

Why the Miami Heat Will Not Be World Champions in 2010-11!

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about while the Miami Heat might have several of the most dynamic players in the NBA, I do not believe they will be in the NBA finals this season. After their decisive win against the Cleveland Cavaliers and with the way LeBron James handled the situation so adeptly, we started hearing prognosticators talk about the team turning the corner and now they are on their way to the Championship.

Discussion of Effective Basketball Drills

If you are serious about basketball, you must see that basketball drills are extremely useful, even if nobody likes to do them. It is similar to learning how to play the piano or guitar where you must constantly practice, and you must do the same in basketball if you hope to improve your game playing skills. All basketball drills need to be planned out according to where team members and even the team members themselves need to improve themselves.

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