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5 NCAA Rules and Regs Every High School Student Athlete Should Know

The NCAA publishes several manuals, rule books and other publications encompassing thousands of pages of information. There are more than 75 different publications covering a variety of rules and regulations that every college compliance officer must know. As a student athlete you are bound to all the regs – here are 5 important ones every high school student athlete should know if they want to play intercollegiate sports.

How To Be A Better Basketball Player – 2 Bad Habits That You Need To Break

Basketball is an enjoyable sport, but the pursuit of becoming a better basketball player can be challenging. There are so many bad habits that can be easily picked if you don’t take the time to analyze your performances on the basketball court.

How To Become A Better Basketball Player – 3 Habits To Avoid

Most coaches and trainers put a lot of emphasis on what you should do on the basketball court, but they don’t put a lot of emphasis on what you shouldn’t do on the basketball court. I’ve seen some great basketball players in person, but I also noticed that a lot of basketball players have noticeable bad habits that prevent them from playing at their full potential.

How To Be A Better 1 On 1 Basketball Player

If you want to create some nice basketball highlights, you need to be able to break down your defender 1 on 1. Becoming a better 1 on 1 player mostly comes down to being able to control the basketball and create scoring opportunities at will. Here is what you need to do.

Top 20 Most Liked NBA Team Facebook Fan Pages

An overview of the most popular NBA teams on Facebook. Most teams from the Western and Eastern Conference enjoy enormous fan-following, irrespective of their on-field performances during any particular season.

Benefits of Basketball Training

Improving in basketball requires hard work and consistent training. It is a well-known fact that when a person practices something regularly, they tend to improve in it. Any basketball player can become good quickly, but to master proper skills, a player should be able to work on their game all the time.

Tips for Choosing a Basketball Trainer for Your Kid(s)

It is very important to get your child’s training goals right when choosing a coach, by taking into consideration your kid’s expectations. This will help you find a training program that meets your expectations and avoid getting disappointed later. Therefore, it is important to find out from the trainer what your child is expected to learn and how the training is expected to benefit your kid.

Possible 2014 Landing Spots For The World’s Greatest Player! (NBA)

Lebron James will become a free agent after the 2014 NBA Season. The big question is, where will he choose to go?

How To Dribble A Basketball Under Pressure

If you can’t handle the basketball under pressure you will find yourself spending more time on the bench then on the basketball court. Coaches don’t want basketball players on the court that are going to rack up the turnovers. Every time you have the basketball in your possession you should protect it like your life depends on it.

How To Get Free Advice From Your Favorite Basketball Player From The Comfort Of Your Home

Growing up my favorite basketball player was Tracy Mcgrady. I remember when he played for the Orlando Magic and he was literally unstoppable. He used to step on the court and do whatever he wanted.

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