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The first preseason week will be on October 3, 2010 and everyone is now excited to watch their favorite teams. There will be some changes this season – one is Miami Heat’s new player, LeBron James. NBA’s last season has been very controversial because of these changes that is why basketball enthusiasts are excited to see what’s going to happen this season.

5 Tricks to Improve Vertical Leap Without Magic Pills

To be honest with you, the only sure way that you can see results in your vertical jump is through this “5 tricks to improve vertical leap” guide. The muscles of the legs may be developed with power but without that “explosion”, one cannot attain the needed push to let you reach above the rim. Add this following repertoire of exercises in your exercise routine now.

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump – A Guaranteed Method to Add Inches to Your Vertical

Do you dream of dominating your competition? Jumping higher, jumping faster, and moving quicker than your opponents? Are you willing to work hard and become the leaper that you were destined to be? Below are some exercises that will guarantee your increased vertical jump.

Plyometrics for Basketball – Your Edge Over Others

If you are wondering how NBA stars can jump that high, well it is because of plyometrics. These guys have incorporated plyometrics for basketball in their routine. This is also the reason why other athletes are thinking of including it in their basketball program.

What is an Important Part of Being a Basketball Player?

In a basketball game, time is the most important and precious commodity. No doubt different basketball updates and latest basketball news focus that the player can’t afford to spend a huge amount of time in a basketball gym and workout places. Meanwhile some athletes are also blessed with the opportunity to focus on the game of basketball when they don’t have to pay the dues of the gym, similarly many players don’t have to do a job in the summer or even work for the whole year.

Eulogy of Basketball – The Rise of the Superstar, Death of a Sport

Many of us love the game of basketball. It is something that has become a part of our lives. Whether watching our favorite team, coaching our son or daughters, or playing ourselves. But not all of us enjoy what our sport has become. This is one coach, and avid basketball lovers take. It is only an opinion of what I see in the world of basketball today. I’m sure there are many others who feels the same way.

U18 European Championship 2010 Division A – The Big Guys

The article describes the best Big Guys of the U18 European Basketball Championship in Lithuania. This Championship has been played in August 2010.

Workouts to Increase Vertical Jumping – All You Need Is Hard Work

It has been believed by others that vertical jumping can be increased with a lot of practice as well as some effort. The truth is total workouts are needed to increase vertical jumping. So whether you are volleyball or basketball player or someone who just wanted to increase vertical leap, you need to consider a number of things that can help you increase your vertical leap.

3 Explosive Workouts to Jump Much Higher

If you are a ball player, developing your jump skills is essential. This is because your jumping ability is part of the set of skills you need to be successful in your sport. But a jump is more than just lifting yourself up in the air and performing some techniques along with it. It also calls for the optimum performance of the muscles directly responsible for your jumping action.

Let Loose With Plyometric Jumping

Plyometric jumping was not that popular among athletes because of lack of information. Honestly speaking, I myself am not aware that there is such thing. Anyway, there are some individuals who make use of it although quite a small number. Some who have heard of it claim that it was not at all safe.

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