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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump – 8 Easy Steps to Jump Higher

Building up your legs and its quick-twitch muscle fibers may add inches into your vertical jump. Boosting your jump may aid you in a lot of sports such as football, volleyball, or basketball. Here are some basic steps on how to increase your vertical jump and enhance your game:

John Wooden – 99 Years and Still Going

John Wooden was a fabulous man. He lived 99 years and seemed to get the most out of every one. There are a lot of people that inspire me in life. Some I know. Some I don’t. John Wooden was one of those people.

How to Jump Higher in 2 Weeks

The vertical leap can change the momentum of any sport. It helps anyone that’s aspiring to transition to the next level & its key to a serious basketball player.

Focusing on Teamwork in Basketball Games

Organizing and focusing your team to play basketball is a great way to enhance your childhood and your youth. The only way for you to start coaching is if you know all the fundamentals that form the game of basketball. The game begins with two teams of five players out on the court facing each other.

John Wooden – The Man, the Legend

John Wooden was born on October 14, 1910, in Hall, Indiana, to Roxie Ana and Joshua Hugh Wooden. John was raised as a Christian and throughout his life he put his faith ahead of all else. He attended high school in the town of Martinsville where he excelled on the basketball team.

The Importance of Teamwork in Basketball

Having teamwork in the game of basketball is a sure fire way to getting a sport that will enhance your childhood and your youth. Coaching in the game of basketball requires you to know all the fundamentals of the game. The basics of the game are that you have a court with two opposing teams of five players.

Gilbert Arenas Should Be the Lakers Number One Target This Summer

There have been rumblings that the Wizards are ready to part with their troubled, former all star guard Gilbert Arenas. With the number one pick in this year’s NBA draft the Wizards are poised to select point guard John Wall and make him the face of their franchise. With the selection of Wall Arenas’ services and distractions are no longer wanted or needed.

Who Will Win the Big Game? Characteristics That Can Determine the NBA & NHL Champions

The N.B.A. Finals and N.H.L. Stanley Cup Finals are under way. What factors ultimately determine championships? What characteristics might help decide which team will win the ultimate prize? In this article, we focus on dynamics such as leadership, defense, and consistency. These factors are particularly interesting to this year’s finals – and apply to every major sport we have studied.

2010 NBA Finals Prediction

Who will win the 2010 NBA finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics? The simple signs to the LA Lakers. Best current player, Kobe.

Basketball Ankle-Breaker Crossover Move

The Crossover Dribble Millions of people play basketball all around the world. It may be the most popular sport ever, maybe even more than soccer.

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