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Become A Better Rebounder In Basketball

Going and grabbing the rebounds is one way you can make or break a game. Grabbing rebounds offers your team the chance to make a basket and help your confidence on winning the game, here is some simple ways to improve your rebounding.

Deadlifts to Jump Higher

Sure there are many exercises that may increase your vertical. But deadlifts is one that many coaches love for numerous reasons…

Become A Good Shot Blocker In Basketball

Let’s face it, blocking shots can help your team tremendously. It is just like not letting the other team score and it makes them think of another offensive strategy to utilize.

Become A Great Basketball Leader

Being a basketball leader has its own benefits. You will become respected by the team and be looked upon for some guidance. You will be the dominate force of the team, if you want to become a great leader in basketball then please read on here.

Protect Yourself From Sprained Ankles

Getting a sprained ankle in basketball is no laughing matter. It can become serious and may pave the door for more injuries to come. However, there are some steps that an athlete can take to become better prepared and less injury prone.

Jump Higher With Power Cleans

Here is an exercise that can greatly make you jump higher. The power clean is an Olympic weightlifting exercise that utilizes all the main muscle groups in the legs for jumping higher.

Squats for Jumping Higher

Many athletes, big and small, skinny and wide, do weight training exercises. Sure the good looking high school quarterback does a bench press of 300 pounds, but has no clue about what he is doing to his body, let alone he is doing them in the wrong form and wrong breathing pattern.

Understanding Basketball Positions

New to basketball and do not have a clue what the commentators are calling when they say shooting guard? It is simple; you will easily learn the basketball terms here on this article.

Learning How to Jump Higher

There are many ways that people claim to make you jump higher such as using ankle weights but to only find out that they are dangerous for the joints and can lead to injury. But the ability to jump is determined on one important factor such as weight training.

A Secret to Jumping Higher

Their is a little known exercise that is known but not widely talked about. Do you want to know what the secret is and what are its benefits? Come check this article out.

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