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How To Increase Vertical Jumping – 4 Proven Methods

Are you looking for ways on how to increase vertical jumping. I’m going to share with you 4 proven methods that will allow you to do exactly that and the best out of those 5 techniques. How do I know these methods work? Well because I’ve done all of them, I’ve done all of them.

How Would I Defend My Offensive Play Series?

“How would I defend my offensive play series?” was the question asked of me by a friend during a discussion of developing offensive plays and play series. Before I give my answer, here is the background of the discussion.

A Jump Manual – Will Your Vertical Jump Increase?

There are jump manuals and there are jump manuals. Will this one help you increase your vertical jump?

Some Essential Things to Remember About Portable Basketball Hoops

Basketball is the most popular game in today’s world so never expect your player to utilize the same hoop what you had. Selecting a perfect piece for basketball goal is very difficult since it comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and purpose. You can get a new generation of these hoops so choose wisely before buying it. Always remember the age of the player while choosing a best hoop. Always keep it in mind that who is going to use it then only you can grab it according to your need. By doing such type of little research on it, you will find a good ring that you require.

Coaching Winning Basketball – Game Preparation

One of the biggest keys to coaching winning basketball is game preparation, what the players are taught during practice in order to be ready to play the game. Improper or lack of preparation is the major cause of losing basketball games. If you want to win, your must prepare your team to win. Preparing a team to play a game is not the same as preparing them to win a game.

Basketball Layups Tips

Effective tips for you to know in order to get that perfect lay up.These tips are important for you to do any kind of layups you want to do inclusing the ‘under leg’!Use these tips to ‘wow’ your friends and the audience!

The Jump Manual Review – Which Vertical Jump Training Program Should You Get?

There are many products on the market that promise to give you the vertical jump training you desire. While each of these products claim to maximize your gains, it is important to understand the benefits of each training program before you invest in one.

Jump Manual – Gain 10 Inches in Vertical Jumping in 12 Weeks?

Can you really gain 10 inches in vertical jumping in 12 weeks? The Jump Manual claims it is so. And if not? How about get double your…

How to Coach Young Basketball Players to Possess the Ball Strongly

Most players under the age of 12 are uncertain about what to do with the ball when they possess it on offense. They either “freeze” with the ball or rush a soft pass which is easily intercepted by the defense. This articles gives remedies for this common challenge to youth players.

How to Play Faster in Basketball Even If You Feel You Are Not Fast

Basketball is a motion game in which quickness is a factor in how effective players are. Some players are naturally quicker than others and have an edge in that regard. However, it is very possible for a player to be quicker by practicing in a certain way and looking to do certain things on the court during a game.

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