Ja Morant destroys Clippers defense 😱😱

7 Tips For Free Throw Shooting

Learning how to shoot a basketball is not as easy as it looks. You need proper form, technique, balance, and focus, one of the more easier shots in the game of basketball is the free throw, a free throw can occur when a player gets fouled in the act of shooting, or in a separate case, when having to shoot a technical foul shot. This shot is rather easy because of the mere fact that the player is standing at the foul line by themselves, only 13 feet away with just the ball and the basket.

Does Increased Vertical Jumping Help You Become a Better Basketball Player?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that we have today. It is definitely one of the most exciting sports to watch today because of the many players who are able to give such an amazing performance. In that matter, we often see great basketball players soar in the air with such high vertical jump capacities. As a matter of fact, the very executions of these feats are one of the reasons why people love to watch the sport. So, can an increased vertical jump help you become a better basketball player?

How To Jump Higher And Win

If you want to become a professional basketball player, the first thing that you need to do is learn how to jump higher. Well, jumping higher will help you have more chances for sure. Read on and learn a few techniques.

Exactly What Buyers Should Know About New Basketball Shoes

New basketball shoes might raise your level of perform from a great player to a great player. There are just a few factors to think about when it comes to new basketball shoes for athletes.

NBA Rookies Beat the Sophomores for the Second Straight Year

NBA rookies beat the NBA sophomores for the second straight year. Were the rookies trying harder or were they better?

Information About Personalized Basketballs

In this article I am going to be talk about personalized basketballs. I am going to talk about where you can obtain them and how the pricing works for personalized basketballs.

7 Tips on How to Train a Basketball Team

Coach. It is really important to understand that coach is not teaching basketball team for money but for the purpose of helping young athletes to become best of the best. It is useless for a coach to scream at young players because it does not help in any situation.

Hooray for the Legit Hall of Fame!

Dennis Rodman was a character. His unusual antics might have kept him out of the Hall of Fame. But the NBA did the right thing and inducted him.

How to Improve Your Ball Handling – Basic Guide

This article gives a guide for how a basketball player can improve their ball-handling. It includes information and drills to practice.

Amare Stoudemire’s Goggles Review

If you have ever wondered what kind of glasses Amare Stoudemire wears, we have an answer for you – Oakley M Frame Sunglasses. And best of all, you can wear them everywhere you go, not only for sports protection.

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