James Harden Passes to Kevin Durant for Transition Dunk πŸ”₯

How to Jump in Basketball – Embarrassed Watching Them Dunk, Time to Show Them Up

Learning how to jump in basketball is the biggest aspect to improve a basketball players overall game. With the ability to jump higher not only can you dunk but you will also be able to block your opponent’s shots better, get more rebounds and shoot better. Here are some steps you need to commit to in order to jump higher in basketball.

How to Jump Higher

Increasing ones vertical jump requires a ton of dedication. There is no “magic bullet” to increasing it 10″ in 10 weeks. Great gains come at a slow and steady pace with a great work ethic. This simple guide will give you the tools and knowledge to reach your vertical jump goal.

Basketball Jumping Secrets – Fact Or Fiction?

So are there really secrets in basketball jump training? In this article we take a look at which factors most likely affect your vertical performance, and whether there are gaps in your current approach.

Basketball Jumping – How to Rapidly Improve

Not all basketball jump programmes are created equal. Whilst practicing to jump is key, there are other elements that will also help or hinder you along the way. We’ve given you a look into some of the other factors involved in this article, so you can calibrate your own plan and progress against it.

Basketball Jumping – The Success Trio

Professional standard jumps are not out of reach of amateur players. In this article we explore three areas you must pay attention to if you want to get outstanding results in your vertical jump training.

Basketball Jumping Routines – Help Or Hindrance?

Will you be a wandering generality or a meaningful specific? In this article we take a closer look at some of the finer point of improving your vertical max, and working smarter on the right areas.

Best Way To Increase Vertical – Use These 3 Exercises To Start Improving Your Vertical Now

Well the best way to increase your vertical jump is to build up the muscles that you use for jumping. You do this by following a good increase vertical jump workout and sticking to it.

Increase Your Vertical Jump Height – 2 Killer Exercises

There are many reasons why someone would want to increase their vertical jump height. Whether it is for the ability to dunk in a basketball game, or to pull-off a volleyball spike, a higher jump height offers a competitive advantage.

Basketball Goals – What is Breakaway Goals?

If you have ever purchase one before, you will know that you have to prepare yourself with a lot of information and answers a few questions beforehand so that you will be able to find a goal that suited you most. The most common questions that we may ask ourselves are what types of goals and brand I should look out for? What type of basketball of goals that is best and many more questions.

Jump Manual – How to Increase Vertical Jump

The Jump Manual is a well-established program which targets every phase when it comes to vertical jumping. Whether it is your vertical jump, fitness training, jumping higher and effectively, etc.

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