James Harden postgame; Nets lost to the Hornets

Improve Your Jump Height In Basketball With These Easy Tips

The vertical leap is really a complicated multi-joint motion that demands muscle group synchronization greatest improved by highly targeted skill training. Conventional power training, explosive kinds of weight exercising, and plyometrics could be efficient for growing your vertical jump. The type of training that’s most efficient is decided by the specific talents and weak points of the basketball player.

Performing a Crossover in Basketball: The Crossover Action Machine

A crossover is a low and quick bounce that allows the player to quickly switch direction, and more importantly, momentum. This swift change in momentum will easily allow the player to outmaneuver the opponent, opening a path to the basketball hoop. Performing a crossover requires different traits, along with exercise and practice.

College Basketball – Seton Hall Vs Syracuse

The Syracuse Orange must be wondering what hit them. Last week, the Orange were cruising through the College Basketball season, undefeated and ranked No. 2 in the nation. Then along came the Pitt Panthers, who stunned Syracuse in their game last Monday, jumping out to a 19-0 lead en route to handing the Orange their first loss of the season.

Jump Higher In Basketball and Fly Like MJ

Basketball is indeed a game of inches, but for most of us, flying as many inches off the ground as Michael Jordan just isn’t going to come naturally. So, here are some exercises to jump higher in the sport of basketball…

Jump Programs That Really Work

Players like Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain and of course Michael Jordan are synonymous with basketball, and all of those players shared a tremendous gift: the ability to take flight on a basketball court. For mere mortals like the rest of us, a vertical leaping ability to rival the greats may not be in the cards, but there are ways to improve how high we can jump. Fire up a search online on the subject, and you’ll find yourself looking at a number of results offering jump programs. Three prominent jump programs are…

Jump Workout Secrets

In NBA players incorporate a few fundamental ideas in their workout routines that have them flying higher against their competition. Learn their jump workout secrets here.

Jump Training – Learn to Dunk

In the sport of basketball, there is not a more awe-inspiring display of sheer dominance than the slam dunk. If you’ve ever wanted to pull that off keep reading to learn about jump training.

Jump Training – Increase Your Jumping Abilities and Be a Better Basketball Player

Jump training programs are essential for your overall performance as a basketball player. If you enjoy playing basketball and you are serious about this sport, then you already know about having the ability to do explosive vertical jump can improve you more in your career as a basketball player.

The Boston Celtic Sports Fans – Providing Support Like No Other

I have to admit the best NBA fans I have ever seen in person have been the rowdy crowd at the TD Garden in Boston. Unlike some of the other places I have been to, Boston fans start chanting even before the game begins and they simply do not let up until the final buzzer sounds.

Basketball Drills – Two Fun Ways to Improve Rebounding

When coaching basketball, good rebounding is key to winning games. This holds true on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. The following two basketball drills will help your team in learning to rebound and improve them at it as they progress.

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