Jay-z and LaMelo Ball Chop It Up During Halftime of Nets-Hornets!

The Heat’s Losses to The Celtics Not a Mental Block – Yet

Many people are calling the Heat’s third loss this season to the Celtics, this past Sunday in Boston, proof that the Miami Heat players have a mental block about Boston. Let’s look at the two losses that were played in Boston. Not a lot of teams win games there to begin with.

Basketball Bin: The Perfect Storage Every Basketball Deserves

Basketball bins are those large storage bins used for basketballs. Actually, basketballs can be stored anywhere; they can be dumped in storage closets, or put them in large oversized sacks. But most people prefer stocking them up in basketball bins for their added safety and security.

How to Have a Better Jump Shot

The way to have a better jump shot is definitely through repetition, but not just any repetition, your reps must be correct. Footwork is the first thing that should be concentrated on improving your jump shot. Both feet need to point toward the basket. Many times you see players and their lower half is not in-line with their upper body. Also, your feet should be in a staggered stance and shoulder with apart. If I am right-handed, I want the right foot slightly ahead of the left, and if I am left-handed, I want the left foot slightly ahead of the right.

He Wore Glasses: George Mikan, The First Dominant Big Man

At 6’10” George Mikan was the first really dominant big man in professional basketball and the game’s first true star. He started wearing glasses when he was 12 with many telling him “that anyone who wore glasses could never be a great athlete”.

Top 5 Of Best Known NBA Players With Goggles in History

Unlike, for example, football or hockey, basketball is a sport in which severe injuries still occur less frequently. Eye injuries definitely fall into that category, and in the rich history of the NBA many players have resorted to the only possible solution to protect themselves from further injury – protective goggles. Here is our Top 5 list of most famous NBA basketball players who wore goggles…

Jump Higher to Fly to a Dunk

Every basketball player wants to know how to dunk, they just do not know the knowledge or the exercises required to achieve a high vertical leap. Jumping is pretty much the key to achieving vertical leap but you need to know to jump the right way.

What Makes A Great Basketball Team?

It isn’t just any one particular thing, but rather a lot of components that go into the making of a really good basketball team (or any other sport team, for that matter). For starters, you build around your best players and you expect all team members to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Besides talent, there are other ingredients that must be present in order for a team to really shine. One of those ingredients is cohesiveness.

Portable Basketball Hoops – Enjoy The Game Anywhere

People who really like playing basketball must consider installing the portable basketball hoop in their homes in order to enjoy a good game with family and friends. Playing basketball is a great past time that would help you in relaxing after a hectic day at work. These days portable hoops are available in the market which you can carry from one place to another.

Blake Griffin Article

Blake Griffin article on Blake Griffin’s freakish athleticism and how he might take over the NBA one day soon. The phenom is already dunking all over America.

Professional Basketball Instruction: Getting Open on the Perimeter (Part I)

Having one on one skills are crucial to your development and success as a basketball player. And on the pro level, to accomplish a move and then finish the play is like an equation that must be broken down into parts to practice and ultimately master…

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