LeBron James 33 PTS 9 AST Full Highlights vs Pistons 11/28/ 2021NBA Season!

Prolific Basketball Shooting

The key to effective basketball shooting is transforming yourself from a pure shooter into a prolific shooter. The game is changing and the “pure” shooters are getting left behind in the dust.

3 Keys to Basketball Shooting

This article explains the 3 keys to becoming incredible at basketball shooting. It’s easier than you think!

How Do You Jump Higher For Basketball – 3 Easy Ways to Jump Higher in 2 Weeks

In this article we will answer the question, how do you jump higher for basketball? Below you will find 3 easy exercises to jump higher in 2 weeks. Follow a strict exercise schedule and the right exercises to build your leg muscles and you will be able to jump higher and start dunking a basketball like a professional.

The Art of Shooting a Free Throw

Free throws are an important aspect in the game of basketball and should not be overlooked in your practice routines. Shooting a high free throw percentage is necessary to be able to win close games. If you are a good free throw shooter, the chances are that you will be a valuable component to your team and your coach will play you more in pressure situations. Here are a few tips on developing a great free throw shot.

Tips on Basketball Motion Offense For Young Players

Young basketball players or beginners sometimes get difficulty in executing the play and complicated offense. That’s why the motion offense needs to be taught to them, so they will boost up the skills. Once they know the tricks, they will get more freedom on the court.

Celtics-Lakers in Trouble?

Don’t prepare for the Lakers-Celtics finals just yet. Monday night in Boston, the Black Irish could not send Superman and the Orlando Magic fishin’ just yet as Rajon Rondo was finally outplayed at the point guard position by his counterpart Jameer Nelson.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

Like any other game, basketball also requires a lot of your stamina and strength. Therefore, it is an essential need that you stay comfortable while you are playing. And to stay comfortable, you need to have good shoes.

3 Basketball Training Methods You Shouldn’t Use

Here are three basketball training methods that you shouldn’t dare to use if you hope to become a better player. The three methods are finally revealed.

Basketball Training Tools For Serious Players

One reason basketball players tend to fail in their training is because of all the hype around most “training aids.” Nearly all basketball training aids are complete junk, and should never be used for any reason.

4 Keys to Recovery From Basketball Training

Most players simply play too much basketball. The days of training 6 hours per day in an attempt to be like Kobe Bryant and Larry Bird are DEAD. Embrace short, high intensity basketball workouts or fall behind your competition.

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