LeBron James after scoring 30 Pts, 10 Ast, 4 Reb lead Lakers def Rockets 119-117

The Science Involved in a Vertical Jump

How to increase your vertical leap for basketball has been a question that has plagued basketball players on all levels. Your vertical leap is just like anything else to be good at it you have to work at it. The pro athletes as well as division 1 athletes already have one up on you when it comes to training, because they all have personal trainers and there is really no reason for you to not reach your goals when you have a personal trainer that’s got you by the hand taking you where you want to go with your fitness goals.

Vertical Jumping Tips For Basketball

Basketball is a game of skills and the harder you work at it the better your skills become. This applies to your vertical leaping ability as well because you have to train smarter not harder to increase your vertical leap. A lot of people fail to add inches to their vertical leap because they go about training their muscles the wrong way.

How to Play Above the Rim

Rim rocking and glass shattering dunks that’s all part of the excitement of basketball. Now anybody in any physical shape can be doing just that playing above the rim.

Tips on How to Jump Higher For Basketball

Get your body in to top condition for basketball. Here you will learn the secrets that will add inches to your vertical leap and explosiveness to your first step so you can be the best player you can be.

The First NBA Chemistry Experiment

In this article you will learn how the Miami Heat will go down the drain in a hurry due to the lack of planning by the Heat GM. The NBA’s first all-star trio will go down in a hurry due to the nature of having an all-star trio.

The Biggest Free Agency Period in NBA History – Which Team Improved The Most?

Now that the beginning stages of the 2010 NBA Free Agency is now over, who do you think came away as the biggest winners of the free agency period? The most talked about move of this summer’s free agency is the “Super Team” formed down in South Beach by the basketball genius Pat Riley. But if you know anything about the NBA, then you know it’s going to take more than 3 guys to win an NBA Championship.

Top Five NBA Trios of All-Time

Ever get in a debate with your buddy at work over what trio was better Magic, Kareem and Worthy or Bird, McHale Parish? Or perhaps Jordan Grant and Pippen? What about the great Celtic Teams of the past with Bill Russell and company? Well now next time you find yourself in that spot you will have some concrete info to backup whatever your claim is.

How to Shoot a Jump Shot

Want to learn on how to shoot a J? Take it from me, it’s all about the follow through.

Youth Sports – Teaching Basketball to Kids

If you have volunteered to coach basketball to children, you’re in for quite a ride. Without a doubt, you will have a busy season: meeting all the kids and their parents to begin with, starting your first basketball practice, coaching competitive games, and ending with a touching awards ceremony.

Planning Practices As a Youth Basketball Coach

As a youth basketball coach, it is extremely important to make basketball a fun experience, in a stress-free environment. When you’re working with kids you’re not just a coach, but a person they look up to, the one person that can make a world of difference between playing for a season or playing for a lifetime. You can inspire those children and make them love the game, and they will make you proud in no time.

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