LeBron James put that guy on HIGH spin cycle ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2 Of The Best Exercises To Increase Your Vertical In The Off Season

Searching for some good exercises to increase your vertical? Well there are many exercises to increase your vertical some effective, some are not very effective.

Best Way To Jump Higher – 3 Of The Best Exercises To Increase Your Vertical

To increase your vertical takes a good jump training program. As most of you know the best way to jump higher, well the only way to jump higher unless you know magic or something is to workout, exercises and train the muscles that you use for jumping the most

Best Exercises To Jump Higher – Gain An Inch A Week On Your Hops With These Exercises

Searching for the best exercises to jump higher? Well I want to share with you some of the best exercises to jump higher that will help you to gain inches on your vertical as soon as possible.

Best Vertical Jump Program – 3 Of The Best Exercises To Increase Your Vertical Leap

Here are three sample exercises from one of the best vertical jump programs I have ever tried. Start gaining inches on your vertical as soon as you start training.

Basketball Shooting Form – The Myths About Shooting

Basketball shooting form is often discussed when talking about the fundamentals of the game. Shooting is the most important aspect of basketball and should be the very first skill a player learns. Many coaches teach a lot of things that are not necessarily true when it comes to teaching a player the correct shooting motion.

Mixed Reactions to LeBron James’ Decision

Basketball star LeBron James has vowed not to change as a person and still play just to win, soon after his decision to move from his hometown team, the Cavaliers, to the Miami Heat. Following this decision of his to change sides there has been reactions of mixed nature all around.

Tips on How Not to Sidestep Your Problems As Coach

Here are a few tips that might come in handy when you are confronting one the mentioned issues. Providing preferential treatment; the most common mistake that parents do is to abuse their position as a basketball team coach, towards to child, by showing him a great deal of favoritism by giving him certain perks in the team such as captain, which will push him into some uncomfortable position with his team mates, envy is not a good factor when you are trying to build up team with good sportsmanship ethics. Another case…

Surviving a Game Day

If by now, from what you read, you think that coaching a junior basketball team, you are mistaken my friend. Trust me when I say that this is not a job that everybody can do, this is a RESPONSIBILITY.

How to Motivate Your Players

Many of your players might have a good response if you make them challenge their own skills, this is a good motivational technique, other players might feel pressured and their motivation to participate in the game will drop drastically. You must become a good judge of character so that you do not loose to much time on how to find what motivates each individual player, I know it might be overwhelming, however, at the end of the or the season you will feel good about yourself for doing a good job.

Making Every Kid Count

One the things that you must not forget is to make every kid count, negligence towards the kids is disaster scenario. Every team member counts in a game and it is your job to make them feel valuable as a team member even though they did not fully developed their basketball skills, every effort they make must be appreciated in equal manner, it doesn’t matter if the scored 5 times in a row or he just scored once, your main goal is to boost his self confidence.

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