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How To Throw Down Your First Dunk

Don’t you wish you could dunk? Dunking is an amazing feeling that most people never get the chance to experience. The reason most people can’t dunk is because they don’t know how to. Find out how you can start dunking in this article.

How To Destroy Your Competition On The Basketball Court

Don’t you want to be the basketball player every time you step on the basketball court? Don’t you want to finally get the respect you deserve and make a statement every time you have the basketball in your hands? Find out how you can destroy your competition.

Successful Wagering On College Basketball

Whether you believe betting basketball is your best choice, or betting hockey is the choice that will work for you, the same basic strategies can help you to be successful. Here are several tips to help you to ensure that your college basketball picks are profitable.

Top 5 Mistakes Made Betting on Basketball

The sound of roaring crowds, the edge of your seat thrills and anticipation, the exhilaration of watching your favorite team shoot and score in the final seconds, college basketball games are nothing if not filled with excitement. Things get even more exciting when you know that you have made the right basketball picks and you watch your team shoot their way to victory.

Patrick Ewing – The Man Behind Ewing Athletic

Patrick Ewing was a leader, not a follower, and from his days back at Georgetown, through to his days in the NBA he was driven to success. Find out a bit more about the man, his basketball career, and the legacy that he is creating through Ewing Athletics.

Cut Off the Cycle, Be Back in the Game

A player makes a mistake. The game goes on. The player may still be physically on the court, but all that time his mind is preoccupied with reflecting upon his mistake. Mentally he is not in the game. The player is not capable of cutting himself off from these recurrent thoughts, not because he does not want to, but as a result of incessant operation of certain electrical circuit in his brain. The electric energy stimulates the recurrent thoughts; the player commits a series of faults. On his way to the bench he “catches” the look of his coach and his frustration and helplessness feelings become even stronger.

How to Jump Higher – Learn How to Jump Higher With Secret Training Tricks

Learn how to jump higher with proper vertical jump training. Combining multi-faceted training will help you achieve 40-50 inch vertical leaps. Learn the secrets to effective vertical jump training.

Imagination As Excellence Promoting Instrument

The enormous impact of using imagination on performance stems from the fact that our mind sometimes does not distinguish between reality and imagination. Therefore even though we imagine, the brain operates some of the neurological systems, which are used when the exercise is done for real.

Formula For A Small Market NBA Basketball Team To Win A Championship

Not all NBA basketball teams are created equal. They way the league is set up, the road to a championship depends on your market size. A small market team can not do it the same as a big market team.

The Silent Powerhouse Team, Memphis Grizzlies, and Why They Look to Be Title Contenders This Year

Some may question if the Grizzlies have enough ability to seriously compete. They have a strong grinding team, that can wear you down, with a strong front court, with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol, who can easily make a living off of banging inside with the best of ’em.

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