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6 Tips On How To Jump Higher

Increasing your vertical jump can have a huge impact on your sports career. Here are 6 tips that can help you learn to jump higher, run faster, and improve leg strength.

Basketball Drills – The Crossover Move: The Crossover Action Machine

Explosive crossover moves can easily drop defenders to the ground! There are 3 simple tips that can be used to develop a deadly crossover than you can use to break the ankles of any defender. Tip One: Slowing Down The key to any crossover is to sell the fake to the defender, making him wrongly predict that the you’re about to go one direction, while you go the other direction.

Basketball Training – Jumping Exercises

There are many different jumping exercises that you can when trying to learn how to dunk for basketball. But most athletes fall into the same destructive patterns of training too much for a short period of time followed by a lack of training because they didn’t get the desired results. I am here to help you focus on a few jumping exercises that will help you see results in a short period of time.

Spalding TF 1000 Basketballs Review

The name Spalding says it all, as this brand of basketball is well known throughout the world and has been since the late 1800’s. In particular the Spalding TF 1000 basketballs are known to be state of the art when it comes to technology as the balls have a far better grip and are far more consistent than their counterparts. They are extremely strong and durable and when playing you won’t have to worry about the ball breaking like the old models of leather basketballs.

How To Jump Higher So You Can Dunk

Most people who play basketball dream of being able to dunk the ball. Dunking is the most exciting move in the sport and an automatic way to intimidate your opponents and excite the crowd. For players wondering how to jump higher and dunk the ball, today we’re going to explain how it’s possible.

The Right Plyometric Workout for You

What is the right plyometric workout for you? I mean, are all plyo programs the same? You can type in the words “plyometric workout” into Google and spend the rest of your life looking through all the results that come up.

Proven Plyometric Program Exercises to Jump Higher

You have heard of the amazing power of plyometrics and the increased jumping ability and speed it offers. You have even gone online in an effort to find some plyometric workout you could start to immediately see results. If you type “plyometric program” into Google search, you are returned with over 100,000 results.

Plyometric Workout – Exaggerated Hype or Elevated Hops?

What is a plyometric workout? Do they really help you jump dramatically higher? Webster’s dictionary defines plyometric as, “a system of exercise in which the muscles are repeatedly stretched and suddenly contracted”.

Plyometric Workout – The Key to Vertical Explosion

Why should you use a plyometric workout as opposed to a regular weights and aerobics routine to improve your vertical jump height? You have been using weights all your life. Every gym you walk into has weights.

A Proven Plyometric Program Produces Hyper Hops!

Okay, you have made the decision to find a workout regimen that will increase your vertical. Congratulations, that is awesome. But is that really what you want?

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