Nickeil Alexander-Walker’s 1st half: 19 points 5 threes!

The Biggest What If in The History of Sports: Derrick Rose

4/28/2012. Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs. Bulls up 99-87 to the Sixers. 1:20 left on the clock. Chicago is about to captivate their first playoff game with a W after finishing the regular season in 1st place. Derrick Rose just became the youngest player in the history of the game to win the MVP award. The morale in the city of Chicago is as high as it was since the days of Michael Jordan. Anyways, Rose crosses up a defender and starts driving towards the hoop. He

NBA Rookie Predicitions

With the NBA Summer League starting back up, teams are getting a chance to show off rookies, teach them the system, and allow them to mesh with the team. Using some data analysis, I was able to run some numbers and make some predictions about rookies’ success and lack thereof. To measure the impact of each rookie, I used his college statistics for point, rebounds, assists, turnovers, blocks, and steals (all per game).

Pot CEO Offers $10k Bounty to Get Lebron to His Comic-Con Booth Exec is Determined to Show Lebron the BudTrader Experience and Ask the New Laker a Few Pointed Questions. CEO Brad McLaughlin is setting his sights on throwing the most hype party experience imaginable at San Diego Comic-Con International.

3 Tips to Help You Buy Custom Basketball Jerseys

If you are on this page, you may be getting ready for your upcoming basketball tournament. You have completed your training sessions and got a couple of sponsors to get the required funding. The only thing you need to do is to get basketball jerseys.

8 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Basketball Shoes

Today, you can choose from numerous types of basketball shoes. If you have never bought one before, looking for the right pair may be a bit tricky for you. What you need to do is go for sneakers that offer perfect fit and support.

Veronica Chika Iweanya-I Want to Play for The D’Tigress of Nigeria

She is full of life, always smiling, and excited to share her experience in career and sports. Veronica Chika Iweanya has come a long way in the game of basketball, and she has set a goal for herself. Her dream is to play for the National women’s basketball team of Nigeria- The D’Tigress.

Tips to Buy the Best Basketball Jerseys

If you are thinking of buying a basketball jersey, make sure you know how to tell a genuine one from a fake one. An easy way to draw the line is to find out what sets an original product apart from a fake one. Given below are the factors that can help you find the difference between the two products.

Better Performance and Injury Prevention In Any Sport

In the recent 2019 NBA finals where the underdog Toronto Raptors won their first and only NBA Championship, there were other major headlines surrounding the 6 game series then the victories themselves. I believe that no one can argue that had these instances not occurred then the result may have been significantly different. There were 2 career changing and series ending injuries that occurred in Games 5 and 6 that changed the dynamic of the gameplay.

Some Common Pre-Game Mistakes (Made by Friends, Family and Even Coaches)

When I attend a sporting event, whether it’s a little league game or a professional contest (and all levels in between), I see many people undercutting their athlete’s preparation. I’m not talking about members of the opposing team, but rather well-meaning friends, family and coaches. Just because “everyone” does something or it is the way they did it when you played, does not mean it was ever effective.

Defensive Basketball Techniques

Defensive techniques used in preparing for football games can be applied to those used in basketball. In football, the aim is to use schemes, formation, and techniques which limit the advancement of the ball. In basketball, the goal is to decrease an opponent’s points scored per possession. This goal can be obtained by knowing the tendencies, the skill sets of the opposition and employing strategies that counteract them.

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