Nikola Jokic adds another mesmerizing sling pass to his highlight reel!

Portable, Combination, Or In Ground Basketball Goals: Which Is the Best Choice?

Perhaps you’ve recognized the value of setting up a basketball hoop at your home. It encourages your children to get outside and get some good old-fashioned activity like when we were kids.

How to Become a Successful Free Throw Shooter

When the game is on the line and you are called upon to hit that free throw to put your team ahead, do you think you can knock it down or are your nerves getting the best of you? Free throws, all though not flashy and exciting more often than not, determine the outcome of games. Your ability to hit free throws in the clutch can make or break a season. Making these free throws can be broken down into seven easy steps.

Vertical Jump Programs Need To Be Specific

when it comes to vertical jump training it’s very important to understand that everyone is different! it’s very wrong to say that one program works for all. now let me rephrase that because there is a common thread that works but what I am trying to say that when it comes to training everyone has weaknesses and strengths etc so a program needs to be specific.

Ways to Prevent Basketball Injuries

With any kind of sport even table tennis there is physical fitness that must be carried out however it is most significant to first get this fantastic clippers ticket. Physical fitness is not fun, rarely applied in the younger group, as well as falls to the wayside with professional athletes. We simply cannot take our bodies for granted.

Vertical Jump Habit

Jumping is a habit! This is one thing trainers, athletes etc all miss. They focus so hard on the physical aspect of jumping and they train every single muscle related to it but they never remember that it is a habitual movement. Its efficiency deals completely with the aspect of habit. Meaning the more it becomes a habit! The higher you will jump and the higher your vertical jump.

Simple Vertical Jump Program

If you want to increase your vertical jump then read on! In this short article I will give you a very simple jump program that you can follow and you could get fantastic results from.

What To Use When Trying To Increase Your Vertical Jump

What plyometric move is the best for increasing your vertical jump? That’s a question a lot of people looking to increase their vertical jump ask but what’s the real answer. There is some debate but in my opinion, logic, experience and even scientific observation there are two plyometric moves that you can use to increase your vertical jump and each one serves a slightly different purpose than the other.

Portable Basketball Hoops For Wholesome Enjoyment

We all love to basket ball with our family and friends. It is always a great feeling to enjoy a game in our own backyard area. According to me, having your own portable basketball hoop is an excellent option. These days a lot of companies are manufacturing basketball hoops. This article is going to offer you complete information regarding this article. All you need to do is to keep your options open in this regard and choose the right home improvement products for your home.

The King of Basketball Shoe Salespeople

Who can claim to be the all time best shoe salesmen? Michael Jordan began promoting shoes for Nike in 1984. Since then many different shoes have carried the name “Jordan”, and he certainly has been responsible for selling many pairs of shoes for Nike.

Magic Tickets – Gives Back the Amazing Actions

It was a hot start for the Orlando Magic as many are discouraged to see them in the finals today. News about LeBron who transferred to Miami Heat became the main reason of how the Magic will be lying low this season but the team was not worried yet became silent enough and struggled so hard to have the best shooting and ball handling skills. Magic coach has also been tired of issues about Heat and says that this is the time now to show what Magic have got. Their victory against Houston Rockets impressed many so as the Magic tickets are still highly on demand.

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