Are You Prepared for the Risks to Become a Pro Sports Photographer?

When NBA player LeBron James cut his head falling into a photographer during game four of the NBA Finals it was simply an accident and part of the game. However, no one seemed concerned about the photographer. Even my first thought was ” I hope the photographer has a rubber lens cover over his lens.”

Never Be Outworked

Never Be Outworked. Go to bed with the motto that you must earn your sleep. Constantly find ways to improve.

Fitbit Charge HR Review

Organized basketball is sport that requires, demand is probably a better term, that everyone on the court be physically fit. I say organized basketball because yes a group of people can get together and play some basketball without any of them being in an sort of physical shape but when it comes to organized basketball such as for your school, a traveling team, AAU team, and most definitely in the NBA, the players need to be in good shape. Being physically fit is something that I take quite seriously even outside of basketball.

How To Shoot a Basketball

Seems sort of trivial to do a “how to” on shooting a basketball, you pick it up and shoot it at the basketball, duh. It may seem like an easy task but if you ask almost any good player today they will tell you that at some point in their life they were taught by someone, either formally, as in a coach or, informally, as in a friend or relative how to shoot a basketball properly. So how do you shoot a basketball properly?

How Much Should You Train Per Week?

The answer is something that every dedicated athlete desires. During my freshman and sophomore years of high school I would spend countless hours in the gym. I would be the first one on the court after school.

The 3 Most Important Skills For Being A Great Rebounder

Rebounding is easily the most overlooked skill in basketball. I’ve never heard the crowd cheer when a dominating rebounder pulls down his 12th board of the game. Don’t let the crowd noise fool you!

The Art of a Professional

When watching any sports team play on the big screen, the main attractions are the extraordinary athletes that perform amazing feats on the court. We idolize big athlete names such as Kobe or Lebron because of their god like abilities to play the sport at a higher level than any other athlete. As we keep our focus on the players in the game, we tend to forget the other three men that are also on the court but are neither part of any team.

The Wild Wild Western Conference of the NBA

The Western Conference of the NBA is full of elite basketball teams that all have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA championship. All but three of the teams were fighting for playoff position on the last day of regular season, and Oklahoma City was on the outside looking in.

Good in Practice, Bad in Games

Some basketball players play great in practice, but struggle in games. This (hopefully) witty article will keep them engaged while providing clear advice to help fix their problem.

Increase Performance With a Dynamic Basketball Warm-Up Routine

Athletes want to be faster, more agile, more flexible, less injury prone and ultimately have a performance edge over their opponent. One aspect of training that I believe to be often over looked is the warm-up routine.

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