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Kobe Bryant Shoes In Imperial Purple

Another classic Laker colorway of the Kobe VI is on its way. Dubbed “Imperial Purple”, this Kobe release may be one of the last shoes to drop this year. The NBA lockout is looming and it may be awhile before we see a Kobe VII. This shoe may be your last chance to cop a pair of new Kobe’s. Find out where you can get them.

Off Season Basketball Stories

One of the NBA’s motto use to be “I Love This Game” well now that we’re on day 75 on the lockout the new motto should be “I Miss This Game”. I admire that several marquee players pros and college stars are seeking employment in the Euroleague but I want the NBA lockout over IMMEDIATELY!

“Hard Caps” Are the Reason for the National Basketball Association Player Lockout of 2011

The year 2011 is a hard year for basketball fans. There is a player lockdown in effect, which will probably end up costing half of the season. Why did the owners resort to a player lockdown? And is there anything that can be done in order to save the 2011/2012 season?

Dark Knight Kobe Bryant Shoes

A new colorway of the Kobe in Dark Grey/Blue-Black-Chilling Red is dropping soon at retail outlet near you. No week could go by without one. This colorway is very similar to one that has dropped in the Kobe Bryant signature sneaker line the last two years. Hmmmm. Could it be the Dark Knight is making his yearly appearance? Yes, and probably at most Nike online retailers.

Glass Blue Kobe Bryant Shoes

As a kid did you ever take a bunch of different colored crayons or paint and throw them against any wall in your house? Well I did. And so did the design guys over at Nike when they came up with the new Kobe VI. It just so happened that the colors that stuck against the wall were enough to create a beautiful shoe. The Kobe VI “Glass Blue” is that shoe. The Glass Blue is one of the most colorful and creative designs ever put on a Kobe Bryant shoe. And there are still plenty of pairs online.

The Camouflage Kobe Bryant Shoes

Loud colors, snakeskin texture and camouflaged designs. What do these things have in common? Nike has used them on their Kobe VI signature sneaker. Camouflage? Yes, camouflage. Hidden at your local Nike retailer is a new pair of Kobe VI Camo kicks. You may have to look closely, but they are there. It is worth your time. A pair of shoes that allows you to both hunt quail and play basketball is well worth your time. Hunt them down!

Michael Jordan 6 Rings

Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, won 6 NBA championships. The Jordan 6 Rings is a “hybrid” sneaker that uses elements of all the kicks he wore during those 6 championships and combines them into one of highest performing sneaker you can own to play basketball. A brand new edition done up in carbon fiber is out now. Don’t miss out on a pair of the best Jordan hybrid on the market.

The Shoe That Saved Air Jordan Basketball Shoes

After the Jordan 2 was released and worn by Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan sneaker line almost went away for good. Michael Jordan, unhappy with the look and feel of the Jordan 2, was days away from signing with Adidas. Thank God he didn’t. The Jordan Retro 3 is going to release a total of 5 times this year. Next up is the Jordan 3 Black Flip followed by the Black/Cement colorway in December.

An Epic Pair Of Jordan 6 Rings

The Jordan 11 Retro Concord is going to be released this December. What an epic sneaker! The Jordan 6 Rings Concord was released a couple years back and is just as epic. The 6 Rings Concord like the Jordan 11 uses the same silhouette and upper and black patent leather. This shoe also features the outsole of the Jordan 13 and is the most comfortable, stable, high performing 6 Rings available. Grab a pair on eBay and rock a pair of epic Jordans.

The Newest Jordan 6 Rings

The newest pair of Jordan 6 Rings is here! Sweet! The latest edition of the Jordan brand’s best hybrid uses carbon fiber on a black based upper. And, as usual, all of the elements of the Air Jordan model what Michael wore to get his 6 NBA Championship rings. One of the best Jordan shoes for basketball just got better. Get your pair when they drop on September 17.

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