Paul George shows love to Kawhi Leonard for making the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team

Playing Defense In Basketball

Basketball has two parts, they are offense and defense. A good offensive player can move the ball well.

The Benefits of Summer Camp and Why Your Kids Will Be Begging to Go Back

Summer camps are always the best way to cultivate skills in sports or arts your kids are interested in. They also spell the difference between succeeding and just being mediocre in the particular field they choose to go for. One of the most popular sports being focused on by summer camps is basketball.

Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics Fight for the Top Spot in the Eastern Playoffs

The Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics are fighting for the home court advantage in the Eastern Conference playoffs. It could determine who advances to the Finals.

The Benefits of One on One Basketball

If you play basketball then this is a good article for you. We all know that five on five is the main way to play basketball because it is a good amount of players and it allows you to play full court because there is enough people. But when you find yourself short on players you will play three on three or one on one.

Basketball Tips – How to Improve Jump Shooting

No basketball player, no matter their skill level, can get by without knowing how to make a jump shot. Jump shooting is important because more points can be scored at critical times by shooting behind the three point line. A shot within this line is worth two points but a shot outside of this line is worth three. The only way to make this shot is through jump shooting. The following are tips on who to improve your jump shooting abilities…

Basketball Tips: 5 Tips to the Perfect Free Throw Shot

Free throws are an important part of the game of basketball and can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. Here are some tips.

Basketball Tips: 5 Tips to Improve Your Lay-Up

The lay-up shot is one of the most versatile shots in basketball. It is also one of the most widely used because it is difficult to defend against. A perfectly executed lay-up can be a beautiful thing to behold.

Basketball Training Tips You Can Use Now

As with any sport, practice is vital in order to be successful when playing basketball. There is something to be said about having the height, but even the shorter players can make it to the professional level as long as they train and perfect their game. If you want to be a great basketball player then you need to train properly to be successful.

Growing Up Playing Basketball

Where do people start playing basketball and possibly acquire everlasting bonds with new friends? It is simple, the school yards as well as the parks. Community centers also have basketball courts for players to play and make friendships.

The Early Game of Basketball

Basketball has been through many changes over the decades but find out the true roots of basketball back when it was in its baby steps. The original basketball is different from how it is played today, find out how different it was by checking this article out.

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