Reggie Jackson tosses in the buzzer-beater!

Learning Basketball Allows For Life Lessons Too

This article discusses the use of training aids to learn different sports. It also goes on to show how life lessons are learned by those who take up the game at an early age.

Learning Basketball Skills Made Easy By Training Aids

This article shows how easy it is to get kids interested in sports by playing side by side with them. It also goes on to show how training aids can spark a lifelong interest for them too.

2011 Top High School Basketball Recruits

Austin Rivers (Duke PG) is the top dog of the 2011 high school class. The 6’4 shooting guard can flat out score. He has a lethal first step that is enhanced with his ability to shoot from NBA three point range.

Basketball Shooting Camps – Shoot With Confidence

Basketball shooting camps are very helpful to perfect your shooting skills and are extremely helpful for all the basketball enthusiasts. These shooting instruction camps help guide your way to perfect one’s shooting skills through repetitive drills and focused practice. This locks the mind into retaining the necessary shooting skills and muscle memory your child needs to have.

The Miami Heat Edging the Los Angeles Lakers

This game had had playoff atmosphere from the start. Even with the many empty court seats at the start of game because of the early start.

What Made Magic Johnson So Great? Ervin Johnson Biography

Magic Johnson interesting facts, timeline biography, and career highlights. Magic Johnson led the Lakers to 9 NBA Finals and 5 NBA championships in his career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Basketball Scholarships, A Parents Guide Part 1

How does your child view themselves as a basketball player? Doe he or she walk on the court and see themselves as the best player or one of the best players? What level of success do they want to achieve on each level? These questions need to be answered honestly to determine your childs ability to reach the goal of earning a Division One Basketball Scholarship.

Plyometric Workout Routine

Need a plyometric workout routine with the best jumping workouts and plyometric exercises? I will share all the information you need to create your own personal training with the best exercises to jump higher that will work fast for you to learn how to jump higher now.

Conference Tournaments: Why Are There So Many Upsets Every Year?

Obviously there is no single reason that applies to all the upsets we see. One common denominator is that some of the teams that finish in the lower half of their conference begin to gel and play their best basketball at the end of the regular season. Therefore they enter the tournament at their peak and often times with some momentum behind them. Conversely, some of the teams that finish in the top half of their conference peaked too early and are just hanging on come tournament time. Those two factors alone will result in a lot of upsets.

Virginia Tech Defeats No. 1 Ranked Duke

As a North Carolinian, you are aware that the ultimate rivalry between the Tar-Heels and Blue Devils are one the most intriguing highlights between two schools that are practically minutes away from each other. If you are in the area during a North Carolina and Duke game, you are either planning what spot you will watch the game and your game meal. During the two hours of pure excitement, everyone is watching, cheering, and waiting it anticipation to see what team will reign supreme after the Duke vs. North Carolina game.

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