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Figuring Out Your Coaching Philosophy

If you’ve just decided to teach basketball to children, congratulations. You’re in for quite a ride. Coaching youth basketball is, without a doubt, a very challenging job sometimes.

How to Gear Your Coaching Philosophy to a Specific Age Group

Setting a solid coaching philosophy is very important when you are coaching youth basketball, because it will serve as a sound foundation for your team’s and your coaching’s efforts. A coaching philosophy must sum up your standards, values and expectations, the basis of all your practice sessions. Setting objectives and strategies is essential, so all efforts go towards the same direction.

The 76ers of the NBA

The Philadelphia 76ers is a team of NBA basketball. They have been in the league since 1949 (when they were Syracuse Nationals), and many basketball legends like Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Wilt Chamberlain played for the Sixers and known.

Basketball Defense Tips

The winner in the game of basketball is the team that acquires the most points. In order for a team to win the game, it is important to score as many goals possible as well as prevent the opponent from scoring. This makes it very important to have a good basketball defense.

A Basketball Player’s Diet

It is important for a basketball player to maintain the habit of eating healthy both for his game and for his overall health. This is because the game of basketball is very physical and burns a lot of energy which is why players will need to eat foods that are nutritious to help them sustain the needed energy during play. Essentially, proteins and carbohydrates are the 2 types of food groups that a basketball player will need to consume.

Joe Johnson – Big Winner in Free Agency

Despite the Heat’s signing of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, it was Joe Johnson and his $120 contract who were the big winners in the NBA’s free agency market of 2010. The Atlanta Hawks were in a tough situation, or so they would have you believe. Their four-time All-Star and leading scorer, Joe Johnson, was out of contract at the end of the year and able to leave the Hawks as a free agent.

NCAAB Basketball Picks – Betting Double Digit Favs

Actually, every squad, whether away, home, underdog or favorite, might be worth paying attention in particular spots, so do not set your limits – there’s an edge for any of these spots. I’m gonna look at those squads which ought to achieve victory, those double digit favorites in college basketball.

Why Is a Basketball Court Marked Like That?

If you’re interested in basketball, whether as a player or as a coach, knowing exactly what each marking on the basketball court means is a must. As a coach, you need to know each and every little line on that court, and be able to explain to your players what each marking means.

Basic Basketball Notions

Basketball is a well-organized and complex game, involving many rules. While some rules are simple, there are also those rules that are not quite so easy to grasp. However, with a little patience and determination, you’ll learn them all the rules and nuances of the game in no time, so if you’ve volunteered to coach your kid’s basketball team, but you’re not really a guru, don’t worry. You’ll get there.

Having Athletes Foot Problems?

Having athletes foot problems? It has been an annoying foot condition for many athletes over the years. What is athletes foot and its symptoms? It can be controlled. Find out how!

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