Russell Westbrook & Anthony Davis address the media after disappointing Lakers loss to the Thunder!

Engaging Your Kids to Basketball

A child is in the simplest terms this world’s most valuable treasure. There can be no future if there are no children. You have to realize therefore, when you have in your care a child; you have in your care the future generation.

How to Be An Effective Defensive Player on the Basketball Court

We have often heard that defense wins games. The more we can keep the other team from scoring, the less pressure on us to score a lot of points. Defense is really about stopping the opposing team from getting easy shots.

How to Do An Effective Individual Workout As a Basketball Player

During the basketball season, players and coaches understandably are focused on team activities and getting ready as a team for the next game. Yet, for a team to show improvement, it often helps when individual players show improvement in their games. It is important that players practice smartly and effectively on their own, with consideration to what practical skills need to be developed.

Basketball Tricks – The Hypnotizer Tutorial

Hey guys! Firstly, I want to apologize for not updating the blog for quite long. I’ve been busy with stuffs recently like studies and…you get the idea. I decided to go play bball with my friends at my campus’ court after this, after not having my skills brushed for nearly 2 weeks I guess!

Basketball Training Drills to Help You Work on Your Ball Handling

Are you an aspiring basketball player? Do you want to know some drills that could help you become a better athlete? Then read this article to get some tips on how to succeed on your goal.

How to Become an Expert Dribbler in Basketball

Dribbling gets us from one place to another on the basketball court. It is also an effective way to get out of trouble when defenders are “breathing down our necks”. Most significantly, one or two good dribbles can get us near the basket for a shot we can make.

How Weight Lifting Can Benefit Basketball Players

Many people mistakenly believe that basketball players do not benefit as much from lifting weights as other athletes. It’s easy to look at the sheer size of football players and understand the need to get your body as strong as possible. Basketball players are generally sleeker and leaner, but that doesn’t mean that professional players don’t put just as many long hours into the gym. Here are a few areas that weight lifting can give you a nice boost in performance on the hardwood.

Practicing Drills For Basketball To Learn Crazy Ball Handling Moves

Learn different ball handling drills that could help you improve your skills. Understand why they are the secret to becoming a better basketball player.

How to Build Self-Confidence in Our Basketball Players

As basketball coaches, we want to develop players who are self-confident in game situations. It is encouraging when our players feel that they can perform well no matter what the circumstances of the game.

Perfecting Your Offensive Plays And Your Player’s Skills

Learn how to perfect your play and teach your players the various skills and and concepts at the same time. It is a simple concept that produces great results on offense. Make it more difficult for the defense to handle your play options and increase the team’s ability score more points per game…

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