Russell Westbrook Triple-Double 31 PTS 10 AST 13 REB Full Highlights vs Knicks 11/23/ 21 NBA Season

The Interesting Life of an NBA Coach

Imagine a job where you got to travel to the most exciting cities in the country, got to eat at the finest restaurants, got to have your name routinely in the newspaper and your face regularly on the television, got to do exactly what you love doing and were paid very big bucks for it. The big drawback in this otherwise dream scenario is that an NBA coach stands a very good chance of getting fired if he doesn’t perform fast and well.

Learn Basics of Basketball and How to Slam Dunk

Basketball is a sport with two teams having 5 players each. And its surface is nearly divided by ribs. It is an inflated ball Main aim of the players is pass the ball among their team members and throw (shoot) it inside the ring which is placed at the two ends of the court.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Professional Basketball Player

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was born Ferndinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., on April 16, 1947 in New York City to Cora Lillian and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Sr. He was raised a Catholic and went to St. Jude school then attended Power Memorial Academy where he excelled at basketball.

Meadowlark Lemon – Basketball Icon

Meadow George Lemon III was born on April 25th, 1932 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Several years later his mother moved to New York City. His father raised his young son with the help of relatives.

Kobe Bryant – NBA Player

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23rd, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Joe “Jellybean” Bryant and Pamela Cox Bryant. His father played for the Philadelphia 76ers and was also head coach for the Los Angeles Sparks. Kobe, who was named after the well known Japanese beef, began playing basketball at the age of three.

Teaching Children Basketball For Exercise and Fun

With video games, the Internet and television, many of today’s kids hardly go out for exercise, instead staying indoors watching television or sitting in front of the computer. Excessive television viewing and sitting in front of the computer for hours are detrimental for the physical fitness and growth of the child. There is an increasing rise of obesity in today’s children.

Nate Robinson Helps Boston Celtics Top Orlando Magic to Make NBA Finals

The Celtics aren’t going to make the wrong kind of NBA history, and they’re not going to be pro basketball’s answer to the NHL’s Bruins. As it turns out, the Celtics were never in any real danger of becoming a part of sports infamy. Attackers from the very start, they put the finishing touches on the Orlando Magic, 96-84, Friday night in Game 6 to reach the NBA Finals for the 21st time and second time in three years.

The Greatest Weapons in Basketball

Bobby Knight will tell you that a shot fake is the greatest weapon in basketball. A player who uses this weapon shows patience and proves that he has strong fundamental skills.

Effective Ball Handling Program – Speed Dribbling Made Easy

The best basketball players on the planet — Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Paul — have mastered the basic skills. But there is one skill that any non-center must possess if they want to make it at the next level.

How to Jump Higher – 2 Powerful Exercises That Will Explode Your Basketball Jump

If you want to jump higher and dunk a basketball like the professionals, then you must do some effective exercises that will increase your vertical jump. Some people believe being able to jump high is genetics, meaning you’re either born with it or you’re not.

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