Stephen Curry CRAZY 50 PTS 10 AST Full Highlights vs Hawks 11/08/ 2021 NBA Season!

Chris Paul’s Elite Guard Camp 2010 – Serious Training

The Chris Paul Elite Skills Camp is not just a showcase for hot dog basketball play. It’s a chance for the top high school and college stars to work with one of the best in the NBA and really improve their game.

Brandon Knight, Jennings and the European Option

A rumor flared up this week that Brandon Knight (PG/SG, 6’3″, 2010), a Kentucky commit and almost certainly the starting PG for UK next season, might be considering a jump to Europe to play, ala Brandon Jennings. The difference between Knight’s situation is twofold; one, it isn’t clear if Brandon Jennings actually opted to go pro because of the pay or because he couldn’t get the needed scholastic score to go into Arizona. There’s no indication that Knight is considering not enrolling at Kentucky for academic reasons.

A Guide on Safely Installing a Basketball Hoop

Follow these steps to safely install your basketball hoop. It’s a simple process and you’ll get to practice your jumpers from your very own home!

Chris Paul Camp Scouting Report – Jabari Brown

Jabari Brown is one of the top basketball players in the 2011 class. Here’s a rundown of his showing at the CP3 Elite Guard camp.

Lebron James – The King is Dead

Several years ago, I railed against the NBA’s sudden explosion of drafting high school kids, and was met with vocal opposition. My argument, then, just as it is now, was based on two core tenets: NBA scouts were drafting on hype, not actual ability Players need some experience in a top-down, coaching environment against solid competition. At that time, my number one example was Darius Miles, who had just been drafted and was going to be the next superstar phenom. I argued then that even though Miles had tons of ability, I would prefer that he play at least…

Death Penalty For Oklahoma Basketball?

Oklahoma basketball was already reeling in the wake of Kelvin Sampson and the NCAA’s ruling. Now they have to stare down the barrel of more problems.

Chris Paul Camp Notes – Kendall Marshall

UNC commit Kendall Marshall joined several other high profile college players for the 2011 Chris Paul Elite Guard camp in Winston-Salem, NC. Here’s a rundown of some of his performance.

For Your Own Sake, Stay in Cleveland, Lebron

When Kevin Garnett was asked, just minutes after he and the Boston Celtics had dispatched the Cavaliers from the playoffs, what he thought Lebron should do in the impending free agency period, Garnett advised Lebron to leave the idea of loyalty behind and go out and find a team that could get him a championship. That advice is coming from a player who also toiled in a secondary market for years, holding on to the idea that he might be able to bring a championship to Minnesota, instead of taking another contract that would get him to a title…

Steps to Installing Your Own In-Ground Basketball Hoop

If you’re tired of having to go to the park or to a gym to practice your jump shots, there’s only one way to solve it. By installing your very own in-ground basketball hoop at your home, you’ll now be able to spend endless hours shooting around and perfecting your shot.

How To – Slam Dunk a Basketball

Spud Webb stands at 5′ 7″, a full foot shorter than the NBA average and he is a regular dunker. However before he found fame, Webb overcame many challenges early in his basketball career. He was often discriminated against for his small stature, but when allowed to try out for his high school team, proved such an impressive player he was offered a scholarship to the University of North Carolina. In his first training session, Webb scored a two handed slam-dunk at the diminutive height of 4′ 11″. With his arms stretched out he had a reach of nearly seven foot but this still required a vertical lift of over three feet, more than half his own height.

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