Thanasis Antetokounmpo tryna win oscars out here 🤔

How To Stop Mid-Court Basketball Turnovers

As the ball carrier you are you given the responsibility to initiate your team’s plays. It is up to you to get the ball delivered to the post player or the perimeter shooter. It is critical that you do not lose the ball in mid-court.

Mounted Basketball Hoops

With a mounted basketball hoop, a homeowner can hang one from a garage, roof, or the side of the house. It’s ideal for those who don’t have enough space for an in-ground model, or simply prefer a less permanent solution. While the in-ground and portable hoops take up at least some space, wall-mounted ones take up none at all.

The Problem With All-Star Saturday Night’s NBA Slam Dunk Competition

Another all-star weekend has gone by and as expected, another weak NBA slam drunk competition. The recent lack of creativity and performance has even driven some NBA analysts to question the frequency of the competition itself. ESPN’s Sportscenter NBA experts suggested that the competition be held every other year as the crowd is beginning to see the same dunks over and over again.

5 Reasons Why Jeremy Lin Is Better Than Lebron James

“Linsanity” has taken over the sports headlines around the globe – and rightfully so. Never before has the NBA witnessed a “come from nowhere” type story like that of Jeremy Lin. Yes, “witnessed”, and I’m not referring to “Witness”, the Nike campaign that catapulted Lebron James to Michael Jordan-like notoriety in 2007 after Lebron led the Cavs to the NBA finals. Like a breath of fresh air, Jeremy Lin is proving why he deserves the crown of basketball and should be deemed the King of the NBA, not Lebron. Here are 5 reasons why.

Can the Jeremy Lin Phenomenon Help Change the Academic Expectation of Student Athletes?

While Jeremy Lin is a sensation on the NBA court, we should take this opportunity to start a campaign that focuses student-athletes on the student part of the equation. I have read a lot of articles regarding this phenomenon. Some of the articles have been uplifting, others ridiculous, and some right on target but none of the articles that I have read thus far focused on a very important problem that we are facing today.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops

An in-ground basketball hoop is one of three types, including portable and mounted. It’s the most traditional of the three, as it most replicates professional style hoops. From a performance perspective, it’s thought of as the best because of the stability it provides. They are installed in one of three ways; directly into the ground, using a ground sleeve, or a J-Bolt with a Pier.

Jeremy Lin Makes Life Better for All of Us

There is a reason to smile again, especially if you are a New York Knicks fan. Even if you are not a fan, you will smile about Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin – What Exactly Has He Done?

It’s no secret that I love the sport of basketball. Raised in Indiana, it is in my blood. Some of the best high school and college players come from this state.

Basketball Hoop Backboards

A basketball hoop backboard is a critical part of the system. When you compare a low end and a high end hoop, one of the biggest differences is the backboard. The more expensive hoops have bigger, thicker, and stronger backboards. They look appear and perform similar to the ones you see in gyms.

The Benefits of Inground Basketball Goals

Aside from their unbelievable affordability and value for their sleek appearance, buying inground basketball goals is also a practical choice. Perhaps the main benefit is that you can now take a more expensive professional version with you if you move.

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